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At our tennis academy in Miami, want to make sure that the kids have fun playing tennis. We run a tennis academy that makes sure that our tennis coaches know how to make classes fun, and interactive. We also want to make sure that our coaches are teaching the kids the fundamentals of the sport. We test the kids on a regular basis to make sure that both our coaches, and the kids in the programs are improving. No other tennis academy in Miami does this. Our tennis academy has tennis courts for all the levels. We have 36' courts for the red tennis ball, We have the 48' courts for the orange tennis balls and we have the regular 72' courts for the green tennis ball and the regular tennis ball. No other tennis academy in the Miami are has that.

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At Miami Tennis Coach we have created a unique tennis teaching system that makes sure every tennis player,that comes to our tennis academy in Miami learns to play the game. Miami Tennis Coach is a tennis academy for players of all levels. Our tennis coaching system will help them improve, and get better at the sport of tennis. We teach tennis by doing fun drills, and fun challenges that inspire the kids to improve while they are having fun. We have a unique reward system at our tennis academy that motivates players to keep on improving and challenge them selfs to be better. They will receive achievement prizes as they grow, and show improvement in their game.

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Here at Miami Tennis Coach we believe that everyone is capable of doing something if they put the love, and dedication that the task requires. At our Miami tennis academy We also believe in respect and discipline that is why the first reward for all the players comes based on that principle. Players at our Miami Tennis academy should always respect their parents, coaches, and fellow tennis players on and off the court. Our players have to always represent the tennis academy with respect and good sportsmanship. Our players are always reminded that they not only represent the education that they receive at home, but the they also represent the discipline, education, and love for the game that we teach them at Miami tennis coach academy

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Coach Carlos: 305-741-2874