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tennis lessons for all levels and ages

Elite academy Players

Miami Tennis Coach has tennis classes for everyone in Miami. Our Elite Academy Players group is the top of the group. In this group you will be training with high level tournament players, home schooled players, tour players as well as college players. At Our tennis academy we train the elite tennis players with the same intensity, and dedication that the professional tennis players are trained. This group of players practice a couple of times a day. They also receive private tennis lessons with one of our certified and experienced tennis coaches. The Elite Academy Players have a dedicated physical trainer to keep them in shape for those long matches, and hot days of tennis in Miami.

Home schooled tennis players
Miami tennis coach has classes for beginners and intermediate players

ace academy Players

The Ace Academy Players and the tennis players that are training to become Elite Academy Players. In our tennis academy we train these players in a very similar way as the Elite players. They have conditioning as one of the most important aspects of their training. They also play tournaments every weekend, and train every day. These players do not train twice a day since they attend regular schools, and cannot train in the morning. At Miami tennis coach we like to motivate players to be better and try harder, and that is why we provide the best players of the Ace group a chance to train with the elite players a couple of times a week. We believe that doing this will motivate the Ace player to train harder, and improve enough to become an Elite player.

Growing Pro Players

The growing Pro Players at Miami Tennis Coach is the youngest group of players that we have. They are between the ages of 4 and 10 years of age. They love the game and dream of becoming a professional tennis player one day. The players on this group train a couple of time a week. In a class that is appropriate to their level, and age group. They also do conditioning as part of their class, as well as development drills to help them create consistency in their technique. They play some tournaments a month, and also play in the team tennis league. The players that show good progress, and determination are invited to train with the Ace players a couple of times a month to motivate them and keep them focus on the goals.

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Coach Carlos: 305-741-2874